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Cools Club Collabs Their Cart with YouPay

April 9, 2022

Cools Club x YouPay

The merchants keep coming for YouPay, as Cools Club is dipping its toes into multiplayer shopping. Cools Club aims to hone in on the self-expressive and self-confident nature of femininity, and what it means to be a woman.

It’s safe to say the YouPay team is finding it hard to keep cool as we onboard our new merchant, so let’s take a look at what Cools Club is all about.

Featuring a dreamy, coastal vibe to its colour palette, Cools Club is just that – cool. Featuring a range of lackadaisical, but chic summer garments that give off a cool breezy vibe, as well as a range of funky clothing for the winter-time, Cools Club has got the whole year covered. With free international shipping, Cools Club is establishing itself as a hugely-popular global brand.

Commenting on what the brand means, “Cools Club celebrates what it means to be a girl today. We encourage self-confidence and self-expression, a place where girls from different worlds can come together and be themselves.”

“We’re lifestyle first and foremost, inspired by our B.Cools brothers. We live for making memories that will last a lifetime and believe wandering sure beats wondering. This ‘live in the moment’ mentality transcends into our style.”

Cools Club is tracking along nicely, but as they will soon discover, multiplayer shopping is the way of the future.

YouPay is pioneering the healthy shopping revolution by allowing shoppers to share their cart. Fashion-forward people will be able to search for their favourite garments on Cools Clubs, and send a sharable link of their cart to a pal, parent, partner, or anyone else who would be keen to shout your purchase. This idea has already thrown a shockwave into the eCommerce world, and shoppers and businesses alike can’t get enough of the YouPay movement.

We couldn’t be more stoked to have Cools Club on board, and to see how they flourish.

Are you and your business keen to wave the YouPay flag? Head to our website to find out how you can double your customers and maximise your sales with just the click of a button.

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