🥳 NEW: Global cash gifting with instant payouts 🚀💸 ✨ Setup Coinflow ✨

Coinflow cash gifting now available

International cash gifting is now live, featuring instant payouts thanks to Coinflow. Setup a Coinflow account today for free!

How Coinflow works

By turning on Coinflow in your YouPay account, you can receive gifts for anything you want with the funds ultimately able to be withdrawn to your bank account.
Your gift gets paid
Your fans pay for your gift using traditional payment methods like Visa or Mastercard.
The payment is processed via Coinflow
Coinflow processes the payment via their secure blockchain network, converting it to USDC.
Funds are sent to your bank account
The funds are withdrawn to your regular bank account in your bank account's currency

Withdrawals to bank accounts available in the US and EU. Read more about how to withdraw funds in other countries here.

International cash gifting is now available in your YouPay account

  • Instant payouts - receive your money in minutes
  • Global support - Available in 120+ countries
  • Easy setup - Up and running in minutes
  • Chargeback protection - We've got you
  • Easy payment - Visa or Mastercard accepted
  • Crowdgifts - For those big milestones

Coinflow explained

We've setup an easy to follow FAQ to answer any questions you may have.