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Multiplayer shopping

merchant playbook

Help your business benefit from cart sharing and tap into some of the best practices we’ve developed across our network with this simple guide to successfully starting with YouPay.

Launching YouPay

for success

Integrate YouPay

on your store

Tell your customers

about YouPay

Leverage cart sharing

on your site & socials

Get more sales

& new customers

Adding YouPay

to your store

You can place YouPay on your store in multiple locations to ensure your customers can logically and easily share their cart and let someone else pay for their order:

  • Product detail page
  • Cart page
  • Fly-out cart

See them in action or get ready to add them to your store today:

Telling your customers

about YouPay

YouPay is a new way for your customers to checkout at your store, which means communicating to them clearly and regularly is the best way to guide your customers from education to conversion. Simple ways to announce the partnership and engage your customers include:

  • Onsite banners and educational YouPay landing page
  • Cross-platform social media posts
  • SMS and email newsletter announcements 

Adding cart sharing

to your marketing

With YouPay on your store and an initial launch complete, adding YouPay into your general marketing mix is an easy way to drive more sales and acquire new customers. Simple levers include:

  • YouPay messaging in email newsletters and ongoing flows
  • Social media giveaways and cart sharing competitions
  • Coupon code promotions

Discover relationships

with every order

With YouPay, you are inviting a relationship to engage with your brand, and that relationship is trackable through data. Understanding the types of relationships your products will appeal to and analysing the unique data that you receive through YouPay opens up opportunities for you to attract new audiences and enhance the trust and reach of your brand.

Want to know how to maximise your shopper-payer relationships? Ask us how.

Your launch checklist

YouPay on your store

  1. YouPay activated on your live theme
  2. ‘How YouPay Works’ landing page published
  3. Onsite tile and ribbon banners live
  4. Email newsletter campaign introducing YouPay
  5. Social media announcement posts
  6. Shopper-payer ecommerce data captured through your store’s marketing and CRM platforms
  7. Integration into seasonal and ongoing marketing activities

Added support

to help your store

Got a question? We have answers and helpful hints on everything from integration to account management, billing, sale promotions and more on our YouPay Help Centre. Or, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always get in touch with us directly.

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    YouPay Wish Lists

    all your carts in one place​

    Fill your cart

    at any YouPay store

    Tap the YouPay button to create a shareable cart that’s automatically added to your YouPay Wish List.

    Activate your list

    to start sharing

    Tap Activate your wish list or head to to access your unique, shareable YouPay Wish List.

    Share your list

    you shop, they pay

    Get the items you want and make gifting simple by building and sharing your YouPay Wish List today.

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