Brisbane, Australia, July 4, 2024 – – YouPay, the professional gifting platform for professional creators, today released the results of its 2024 Spring Creator Survey, highlighting the key activities and requirements for the creator community using gifting as an engagement approach with their fans.

“This survey is the first of its kind where we have specifically targeted our survey toward creators that are using gifting as part of their off-platform monetization strategy”, said Victoria Gagliardo-Silver, Head of Creator Relations at YouPay. 

“Surveying our existing and potential users is a great way for us at YouPay to lead the conversation with the creator community to understand how we, and other platforms, can meet their requirements. The creator economy is shifting and evolving rapidly however what’s clear in all of our engagement with creators is that privacy, security and professionally run platforms are key to gaining trust for both creators and their fans”, said Matt Holme, CEO and Founder of YouPay. 

The survey was conducted over a two-week period and received over 200 responses from creators residing in 23 countries. Some of the key insights from the survey include: 

    • 46% of creators surveyed indicated they were adult content creators while artistic and education content collectively represented 30% 
    • X featured as the most popular platform for creators with 33% of all creators indicating they are on X while the combination of X plus TikTok proved to be the most popular social media mix at 21% followed by X and Instagram at 19% 
    • LoyalFans proved to be the most popular paywalled platform for creators at 23% with onlyfans ranking second at 18%. 56% of creators use multiple paywalled platforms to distribute content 

 “This is our first Survey and we plan to conduct these every quarter to build a picture of what is important and also monitor leading trends within the creator community,” said Holme. “Our mission is to be the leading professional gifting platform for creators and our survey provides an excellent opportunity to capture the collective creator voice and provides valuable input into future product development for us and any platform focussed on supporting the creator economy”.

Read the YouPay 2024 Spring Creator Survey