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Shop online and privately send your cart to another person with a single click using YouPay. Get the items you want and make buying them simpler than ever – welcome to multiplayer shopping.

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Register your unique profile name and see all your YouPay carts, paid and unpaid, that you’ve created at any YouPay partner store.

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Send your YouPay Wish List (or individual carts) to whoever you choose as a shareable link.

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Customise your YouPay Wish List by adding or removing carts to truly make it your own.

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Share your YouPay Wish List with individuals or groups to make dropping and picking up gift hints simpler than ever.

Perfect for content creators, influencers, special occasions or any occasion.

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Our frequently

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If you still have questions or require assistance, click this button to be redirected to our full list of FAQs.

Your YouPay Wish List contains all of your YouPay carts, paid and unpaid, associated with your email address.

No. Your YouPay Wish List includes your own YouPay carts, but not those you’ve funded for other shoppers.

No. However, you can cancel YouPay carts to remove them entirely from your YouPay Wish List.

No. Only you can see your own paid YouPay carts on your YouPay Wish List.

YouPay carts will remain in your YouPay Wish List until they are paid or cancelled.

All your carts

in one place

Your YouPay Wish List brings all your YouPay carts together in one place, so you can create carts at any YouPay store, and they will instantly appear on your wish list (pretty magical, we know)! Your YouPay Wish List makes it easy to view all your paid and unpaid YouPay carts, so you know exactly which items you’ve ticked off your list and which ones are still on it.

Cart sharing

on another level

Create and share individual carts at any YouPay partner store or share all your chosen carts at once using your YouPay Wish List! Share your list directly with someone, or share it with a group for gift registries, special events or to let your adoring fans treat you to products from your favourite brands, safely and securely. Plus, you can even pick and choose which hint to drop by sharing individual carts from your full Wish List – the power is yours!

Your list

your rules

Decide what you want to share by customising which carts people can see on your YouPay Wish List. You can remove YouPay carts with the click of a button, while your paid carts and personal information are only visible to you, which means you can share your YouPay Wish List with total peace of mind.

YouPay Wish Lists

all your carts in one place​

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Tap the YouPay button to create a shareable cart that’s automatically added to your YouPay Wish List.

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Tap Activate your wish list or head to to access your unique, shareable YouPay Wish List.

Share your list

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Get the items you want and make gifting simple by building and sharing your YouPay Wish List today.

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