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Yes, YouPay is free for everyone – our Shoppers (the person receiving the products) and Payers (the person who makes the payment).
A Shopper is the person who creates a YouPay cart. A YouPay cart represents the items a Shopper wants.
Yes. Your details are not shared with your chosen Payer unless you want them to be. As a Payer, your details are not shared with your Shopper, unless you want them to be.
A Payer is the person who pays for the Shopper's YouPay cart.
Yes, YouPay carts are fully encrypted. Customer data is never shared with other customers. All payments are processed by highly secure payment gateways such as Stripe.
Anyone who wants to pay for you. This could be a friend, a partner, a parent or anyone for that matter, as your private details are never revealed in your YouPay cart.
YouPay directs the Payer to a secure payment page. Dependent on how YouPay has been configured, this may be directly to the store's checkout or via YouPay's secure Stripe checkout. YouPay supports all common payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.
No, we do not.
Gift cards purchased via YouPay cannot be refunded. If you have used a gift card to purchase items from a retailer and wish to return or exchange an item, you need to refer to the retailer's gift card policy.
In most cases, you can keep the gift card and use it for future purchases until the balance is fully depleted or until the card's expiry date. Each retailer has their own gift card use policy. Please refer to the retailer's policy.
Prezzee is a digital gift card platform that we have partnered with to ensure that you can create a share YouPay carts at more stores than ever. You can visit their website at to find out more.
When gift cards are used to pay for your YouPay cart, sometimes the total of the YouPay cart may not be an exact match to the required gift card value. Gift cards can only be issued in $5 increments, therefore a YouPay cart must be a round number, divisible by $5.

For example, if you create a YouPay cart for $29 worth of items from a store, your YouPay cart will be rounded to $30. The Payer will be charged $30 and you will sent a $30 gift card to spend at your chosen store.

Stores that offer YouPay directly (stores without the pink gift card icon) do not require rounding up.
The expiry date of each gift card depends on the retailer or brand. You can check the expiry date of your gift card by logging into your YouPay account and viewing the cart details, you can also view these details from your Prezzee account.
So that you can YouPay it at more stores than ever! We have partnered with Prezzee, a digital gift card platform so that you can share YouPay carts at a wider range of stores from within the YouPay app - even if they don't offer YouPay directly.
We have added gift card icons to the stores that require the use of gift cards. You can create YouPay carts at these stores exclusively via the YouPay app. YouPay carts created at these stores can be shared anywhere, and paid from outside the YouPay app like any other YouPay cart.

Stores without the pink gift card icon have YouPay directly integrated. You can create YouPay carts at these stores from both inside the YouPay app and directly on the store's website.
Stores with the pink gift card carts work almost exactly the same as all other stores that offer YouPay.

1. Select the store from the store finder in the app.

2. Add the products you want to the store's cart.

3. From inside the store's cart you will see a blue YouPay button.

4. Press the button to create and share your cart.

When your cart is paid for you will be sent a digital gift card to use at the store so you can buy the items in your cart.
If you come across inappropriate or potentially illegal material in a YouPay cart or product (including photos or content), please take immediate action by reporting it to us. To do this, you can use our contact form on the YouPay website. Provide as much information as possible, such as the user's name, cart link or product details, and any relevant screenshots. Our team takes these reports very seriously and will promptly investigate the matter and report it to the appropriate authorities to ensure a safe and secure environment for all users. Thank you for helping us maintain a positive and lawful community on YouPay.
YouPay stores with the pink gift card icon require the Shopper creating the cart to add an amount to cover shipping. This is the ensure that the gift card you receive will cover your entire order, including shipping.

Stores that offer YouPay directly will automatically add accurate shipping to your order.
Create a YouPay account to store and share all of your YouPay carts in one central location. You can access your YouPay account and wishlist from the menu at the bottom of the YouPay app or by visiting the YouPay website.
All of YouPay's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies can be views at
Your YouPay Wishlist contains all of your YouPay carts, paid and unpaid, associated with your email address.
No. Your YouPay Wishlist includes your own YouPay carts, but not those you’ve funded for other shoppers.
No. However, you can cancel YouPay carts to remove them entirely from your YouPay Wishlist.
Yes. You can change your account settings to show or hide your paid carts.
YouPay carts will remain in your YouPay Wishlist until they are paid or cancelled.
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