That new outfit feeling

with no bad debt aftertaste

That’s right, with YouPay you can safely and securely pick the gifts you want and share a YouPay link with your chosen payer – no fees or interest, ever! 


Pick the items you want

from your favourite store

Browse at your favourite store until your heart is content – no judgments here.


Make it your own

your shape, your style

There is no one person in the world like you, so why should your cart be? Pick your style, your shape, your colour and make them your own – enough with “one size fits all”.


Create & share your cart

from the product page

Take care of the heavy lifting for your payer, share your brand new YouPay link with them. Make it easy for them to give you something that’s really you – you deserve it.


Spread love, not bad debts

gift your loved ones something they really want

Sometimes it is tricky to buy the right gift for the ones we care about, so why not let them choose for themselves – from your young ones all the way to life partners, we are in this to create the future of shopping together.


Pay the way you always do

all payment options available on the store

We get that everyone that shops online already have more accounts than they should, so there is no need for us to create another one – checkout using the already established store gateway.


No stress, no debt

relax, the order is on its way

The shopper and payer are notified, no private details have been shared – welcome to multiplayer shopping.

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