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Shop online and privately send your cart to another person with a single click using YouPay. Get the items you want and make buying them simpler than ever – welcome to multiplayer shopping.

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Click the YouPay button on the product or cart page, then enter your details. Don’t worry, your details are never made public.

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Congrats, you now have a shareable YouPay cart! With your private information like shipping details hidden, safely post it online, add it to your link in bio or send it to whoever you want to pay for you!

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The person opening your cart can see what you want and instantly pay for your order (they won’t see your address) – you then get the order confirmation to know it’s been paid for – easy!

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We’re making retail social again!

Whether you’re sharing your latest shopping obsession, paying it forward to a friend (or a stranger) or supporting your favourite content creator, YouPay brings out the social side of online shopping!

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Safe, secure & private for creators

YouPay brings Creator Commerce to life! Receive gifts from your fans while keeping your personal information hidden. YouPay doesn’t require much information to create or pay for your YouPay cart (we don’t access or store any payment details), but any information we do require is stored privately and securely – giving both creators and payers complete peace of mind when using YouPay.

The stats are in

& social shopping is the winner

From shoppers to payers, YouPay is connecting more people at more stores. The results speak for themselves, YouPay drives new top-line revenue and net new customer adoption.

96571 +
carts created

Since launch

12 %
of Beserk’s sales have come through YouPay
$ 15 M
in carts shared

YouPay gets tick of approval from Shopify

YouPay have achieved recognition from Shopify and signalled their intent for accelerated growth by getting certified as a Shopify app…
read our featured insight

Our latest insights

& research

YouPay officially launches cart sharing for US ecomm stores

YouPay, the world first cart sharing app to be approved on Shopify today announced the launch of its cart sharing app into the US market.

YouPay now available for Shopify self-install

YouPay is now available to self-install from the Shopify App Store, meaning millions of ecommerce stores can offer multiplayer shopping.

How multiplayer shopping is redefining the shopping cart

Ecommerce and innovation go hand-in-hand but, until now, something as universal as the online shopping cart has remained largely unchanged.

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At YouPay, we believe in seeking success as professionals and as people – which is why our team is fostered on a culture of collaborative success, personal fulfillment and joyful inclusivity. These team values are what drives us to innovate, grow and succeed as a group while we bring the power of multiplayer shopping to the world.

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We don’t like to toot our own horn (even if it does sound oh-so-sweet), so we’ll let someone else do it for us, instead!

“Amazing concept brought to life to show that the world still has some kind, loving and generous people”
YouPay payer
"It's a truly great idea and wonderful community that has developed."
YouPay shopper

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