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welcome to multiplayer shopping

With over 100 YouPay partner stores to choose from, getting the right gift has never been so easy! YouPay lets you send and view shared carts with a single click – welcome to multiplayer shopping.

Pay your way

Gifting with YouPay

simple & secure

Shoppers can pick

what they want

Shoppers can fill their carts at over 100 YouPay partner stores and choose YouPay at checkout to get the party started!

YouPay makes carts

totally shareable

YouPay carts are secure, shareable payment links that shoppers can share with anyone they want (ahem, you maybe?).

Shoppers can share

their YouPay cart

Shoppers can share their wish lists, drop hints, let fans show their appreciation and so much more with YouPay!

You can pay

safely & securely

YouPay lets you pay for someone else’s cart simply and securely, because no private information is passed between the shopper and payer.

You can YouPay it

at these stores

Gifting done right

sharing is caring

Whether you’re sharing your latest shopping obsession, paying it forward to a friend (or a stranger) or supporting your favourite content creator, YouPay brings out the social side of online shopping! 

Want in on the action? Join our offical YouPay VIP group on Facebook and see how we are connecting people at the checkout.

Make someone’s day

sharing is caring

Whether you’re shouting a mate, supporting your favourite content creator or performing a random act of kindness, YouPay gives you the power to make someone’s day in a single click. Sharing has never felt so good!

Pay your way

the choice is yours

YouPay lets you pay for someone else’s online shopping cart without giving them your payment details (and without you having to do the shopping). Plus, you can use your preferred payment method that’s available at each of our YouPay partners stores, so you can pay your way.

Safe & secure

we’ve got it on lock

Whether you’re a shopper or a payer, your personal information is always kept private when you use YouPay. Shoppers can safely share their carts and payers can checkout without revealing private details like shipping information and names.

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