There’s more good news coming out of the YouPay-sphere – and it’s sure to get a lot of people excited. YouPay and massively-popular Australian clothing brand LSKD will be partnering, ensuring a plethora of benefits all-round.

The team at YouPay couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with such a fan-favourite brand such as LSKD.

LSKD (Loose Kid) works under the modus operandi of “chasing the vibe”, with an emphasis on travel, adventure, and overall movement. The brand looks to put a streetwear spin on activewear, maintaining a sense of fashionable relevancy that can benefit exercise fanatics and fashion enthusiasts alike. Featuring a vast range of Mens, Womens, Kids, Unisex clothing items, LSKD leans into the mantra of getting 1% better every day. This fits right into YouPay’s impact.

YouPay will play an integral role in boosting sales for the LSKD business, while also making the customer experience that much easier. YouPay enacts on multiplayer shopping by allowing customers to split up the shopping process into a sharable cart link. This means all the guesswork can be taken out of gift-giving, and shoppers can have an innovative way to purchase their desired products.

For LSKD, YouPay will not just boost sales by 1% a day. The YouPay experience means outselling Afterpay and PayPal, according to our launch day figures. LSKD can expect to experience a serious jump in sales, as multiplayer shopping is what the fashion community has been crying out for.

This partnership with YouPay and LSKD is a reaffirmation that YouPay is the new frontier in the ecommerce world. Shoppers across the globe are realizing the ease and dynamism of multiplayer shopping, and how it is revolutionizing gift-giving, intentional buying, and a myriad of other shopping situtions. The collaboration with LSKD will prove to potential merchants in the making that YouPay is here to stay, and that multiplayer shopping is a look into the healthy financial revolution.

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