YouPay doubled a merchant’s sales on launch day

YouPay’s unique value proposition got customers excited, and the results showed cart sharing’s true potential.

YouPay recently launched with a new merchant and beat out Afterpay and PayPal on day one. Not only that, but YouPay’s multiplayer shopping experience saw customer acquisition explode, brand engagement increase and sales spike.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our 24-hour statistical snapshot of the launch to get an insight into how YouPay’s cart-sharing innovation can help ambitious brands to grow their revenue through a completely new sales channel.

By allowing shoppers to turn carts into shareable, secure payment links that someone else can pay for, YouPay gives a merchant’s customers the opportunity to improve the way they shop in acute ways (like de-stressing birthdays and anniversaries); but they can also improve it in consistent, habitual ways with the greater flexibility that YouPay affords – whether that’s as a partner, a parent, a professional, a mate and so much more in everyday life.

With over 200 merchants pre-registered, we’re on the hunt for ambitious Shopify businesses who want to unlock the power of multiplayer shopping on their site.