We’re bringing multiplayer shopping to the world!

Online shoppers that live in the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand can now use our cart-sharing technology to fill their cart at any YouPay partner store, then share it with anyone they want as a secure payment link.

This includes almost 50 local brands like powerhouses Culture Kings, Beserk and LSKD that have customers across the globe, while new merchants can also offer YouPay to their customers in these regions.

“Beyond growing sales, we’re always amazed by how our customers have embraced YouPay to connect their Australian customers, and now they can do the same with international customers,” says YouPay Founder and CEO Matt Holme.

“It’s a win for every YouPay merchant and their customer bases, while it’s also a win for us too.

“We launched a completely new way to pay into the market less than six months ago and we’ve had such a great response that going international was an easy decision.”

Customers can use YouPay to let a third party pay for their cart, but an unexpected benefit of cart sharing has been its potential for social commerce.

“What we’ve seen is that, beyond connecting shoppers with payers, YouPay can connect fans of a brand with each other both directly and indirectly.

“People are using YouPay to share their carts with people who are fans of the same brand, and they’re even taking it a step further by paying it forward and purchasing carts for other fans who they might have only ever met online,” says Holme.

Better yet, YouPay is a Shopify app that can be self-installed quickly and simply, which means Shopify stores can already start offering their customers a new path to purchase – and growing their sales – with multiplayer shopping.

With YouPay merchants now empowered to convert international customers with cart sharing, stores with YouPay installed have greater potential for sales, customer acquisition and behavioural insights through new and existing customer segments.

This expansion to key international markets is the next step in YouPay’s journey to bringing multiplayer shopping to the entire world of ecommerce. However, by expanding to the US, YouPay merchants can already tap into an ecommerce market that totalled $870B in 2021.

With local Shopify stores now able to grow their business through customers both at home and abroad, there’s never been a better time to find out how multiplayer shopping can help your customers and, ultimately, your online store.