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Get stuck into Add To Cart

Introducing Add To Cart, a new podcast from Two Broke Chicks that’s proudly powered by YouPay! Surviving your twenties can be chaotic. You usually have to learn life’s lessons the hard way, but journalists, twin flames and ‘Two Broke Chicks’ Sal and Al are dishing life lessons for the gals, from the gals to make it that little bit easier. So come hang!

March 7, 2022

Get stuck into Add To Cart from Two Broke Chicks

A new mid-week podcast that's powered by YouPay

Introducing Add To Cart, a new podcast from Two Broke Chicks that’s proudly supported by YouPay!

Two Broke Chicks (and Add To Cart) is hosted by financially savvy gal pals and Finder journos Sally McMullen and Alex Hourigan, who are now into their second season of their instantly classic pod. Add To Cart is an all-new mid-week podcast that talks everything online shopping with some of Australia’s favourite online personalities and influencers. You can listen to each episode wherever delicious podcasts are served, or you can find them here (piping hot) each Thursday:

add to cart episode 1

Episode 4: Riley Hemson

Episode 3: Rowi Singh

Episode 2: Alright Hey & Mitchell Coombs

Episode 1: Catia Mallan & Ashton Wood

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