There are so many ways YouPay can be used, but one of the great things about our shared payments approach is that it opens a conversation between friends and family, about finances, payments, and money. It’s a way to reach out for or show the support that you may traditionally have been a little bit shy to discuss. One of the areas that matters the most is in social impact – when it comes to giving, helping and making the world a better place.

We’ve built a new way for social impact start-ups to accept payments online. We know that different social impact organizations have different needs, so we’ve focused on giving companies with a clear mission the flexibility for them to choose an alternative to other payment options. In the past, it’s been difficult for social impact startups to find the right payment gateway for their business, whether that’s because of volume limits, fees, or other factors.

As a social impact startup, you want to have the freedom to choose which payment platform to work with. You want to select the best options for your customers and give them the chance to back your mission.

For many of the startups we’re working with today, using the Shopify platform to offer merchandise and products to their supporters, take donations and process eCommerce transactions is a core part of their operations. As YouPay gears up to launch on Shopify, our launch partners include some absolutely inspiring social impact companies.

TradeMutt founder Edward Ross, whose company uses Shopify to sell workwear with proceeds supporting the battle for mental health care, said that YouPay offers more choice for his customers.

“I loved the idea of leaning on someone in your support network that can assist in the purchasing of something instantaneous. Even from the concept of the YouPay gifting component, being able to give someone a gift that can allow shoppers to select what they want. I think it’s powerful, and it’s great for real people.

Giving consumers a choice is super important, especially in this day and age where you just aim to convert as many people as possible. So in terms of options for consumers, I think it’s a case of the more, the merrier. Looking ahead, I can see the potential for so many different payment options, as people realize that they don’t have to just whip out a credit card.

Our goal at Trademutt is to get more people talking about mental health daily and gaining access to professional mental health support for everyone. We are excited to offer more options to help our consumers be a part of that mission.”

We’ve built a new way for social impact startups to accept payments online.

We’re incredibly proud of how the YouPay platform is now being used by these entrepreneurs and organizations, and we want to extend our invitation to any other social impact startups and organizations to work with us. We believe that, together, we can build a better and more impactful world.

Social impact startups are different.

We’re also looking to offer a different kind of payment solution than you might find at other payment providers. We aren’t a Buy Now, Pay Later company. We aren’t a credit card. We aren’t a payday loan. Instead, we’re a new payment option that allows users to pay with their personal network. Payments are just one way we’re enabling social impact startups to take advantage of the technology that big corporations already have access to.

Bonnie and Marcus from social impact and fashion collective HoMie, whose work in helping homeless youth has given young people a chance to rebuild their lives, said that opening the door to more supporters mattered.

“Our clothing line grew organically. At first, we had donations from other clothing brands through our store, but we started to throw our logo onto a few shirts, and we had more and more people wanting to buy it and get behind the cause. So we began to expand that range, and after a year or so, we moved into our own shop, and we’ve been developing and growing the brand ever since.

The ability for YouPay to get other people to pay for stuff really opens the door, especially for people who want to purchase gifts for someone in need or someone less fortunate. It makes that giving the process a lot easier and a lot more joyful. We have older people who would love to buy a hoodie for everyone in their family to support the mission, and we have younger people who would struggle to buy a hoodie on their own, so having these options is really meaningful for our demographics.”

We’re taking care of your payment needs

We’ve worked with some of the largest credit card processors in the world to establish a new and flexible pricing model.

We have a customer care team that is available all the time to answer questions. Our team understands many aspects of running a social impact startup, and some are beyond our own scope. That’s why we’re at the forefront of driving technological change in the social impact space. Our tech team has integrated technology that enables social impact organizations to easily accept donations, sell merchandise, and engage with their customers.

Supporting your mission is our mission. And we believe in it.