Secret Santa with YouPay

Get something you’d really like and know that your gift will make your teammate’s day!

We've got you covered!

Looking for an innovative approach to your Secret Santa this year? Want to help everyone get something they actually like and make Secret Santa inclusive for your remote team members?

Have we got an answer for you. YouPay Secret Santa is here!

To make it easy and inclusive this year across the whole company we’re running Secret Santa with YouPay.

YouPay is the ultimate Secret Santa where you get to choose the gift you’d like and you don’t have to agonise over what gift to buy for you teammate.

To participate in this years’ Secret Santa all you need to do is:

  • Go to YouPay and register
  • Set up your private Secret Santa Wishlist with the gift you’d like to a value of ($ insert amount here)
  • Send your wishlist link to: (YouPay will provide you with your unique company email)
  • On 14th of December you’ll receive an email from YouPay with the Wishlist that’s been selected for you to buy and the name of your Secret Santa recipient – you just click the link, add a message and pay – it’s that simple – you’ll be guaranteed that they get the gift they wanted and so will you!