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YouPay x Mintstars
supporting Pineapple Support

For all of July 2024, YouPay and Mintstars are helping raise money for Pineapple Support.
We are gifting $1 for every gift paid. Read on for more informaton on this great cause.

How it works

Every gift purchased for a creator on YouPay = $1 donated to Pineapple Support

Gifters can choose to match the donation at the checkout

Every tip to a creator on MintStars = $2 donated to Pineapple Support!

Fans can choose to donate more at the checkout

About Pineapple Support

Pineapple Support is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation providing free and subsidised psychotherapy and mental health care to all online adult industry professionals. Our ever-growing team of independent therapists are all sex positive, kink aware and sex-worker friendly, providing educational resources, support groups, and weekly drop-in sessions alongside individual therapy. Pineapple Support’s services are funded through a combination of sponsorship packages and donations.

About YouPay

YouPay was created in 2020 in Brisbane, Australia to bring privacy and security to online wishlists. Today YouPay operates globally and has over 175,000 users. Combining an interactive approach to ecommerce with a powerful focus on connecting people, communities, and customers digitally, our mission is to change the future of gifting in a safe and secure way.

About MintStars

MintStars was created by sex workers’ rights advocate and researcher Jessica Van Meir and entrepreneur Daniel Sargent in 2021, and was borne out of their frustrations with how content platforms treated their creators. Driven by a shared passion of bringing innovative solutions to a traditionally underserved sector, MintStars is built on the principles of inclusivity and care for creators. MintStars offers no fees for creators, chargeback protections, immediate payouts, and low censorship, while aligning incentives between creators and fans through limited edition collectibles.

Want to donate directly to Pineapple support?

Information about YouPay’s donation to Pineapple Support

  • A gift is defined as an order that is placed on the YouPay platform.
  • All gifts are reviewed by YouPay to ensure payment sources are genuine.
  • Only genuine gifts will generate a donation.
  • At the end of the month of July 2024, YouPay will calculate the total number of gifts purchased during the month of July 2024 and donate $1 USD for each.
  • Any matching donations that are placed at the checkout will also be totalled and donated at the end of the month.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.