YouPay Creator Assets & Brand Guidelines

Our brand is more than our icon or name only. It’s the total of all the experiences we create and the connections we help make. Our brand connects creators with fans from around the world.

Logo Assets

If you need our logo for a social post or to display on your website, download it here. We provide you with a zip file with the logo in various different formats, as well as a link to an easy to access PDF. Please only use our logo in one of these provided formats and color schemes.


If you've been lucky enough to be verified or approved as a YouPay Ambassador, you can use one of these official badges. Download a zip file or open a PDF where you can see the badges available.

Social Post Kit

We've created a variety of different styled social post assets you can use to broadcast the fact that you're a proud user of YouPay. Download a zip file or click on the PDF link to see everything on one page.