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Convert more shopping carts and increase customer acquisition with YouPay. Give your customers the power to share their shopping carts as secure, shareable links to let someone else pay for their order.

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Visit one of our merchants and fill your cart with the items you want.

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Click the YouPay button on the product or cart page, then enter your details. Don’t worry, your details are never made public.

Private & secure

for shoppers & payers

Congrats, you now have a shareable YouPay cart! With your private information like shipping details hidden, safely post it online, add it to your link in bio or send it to whoever you want to pay for you!

Tap into insights

you can turn into sales

The person opening your cart can see what you want and instantly pay for your order (they won’t see your address) – you then get the order confirmation to know it’s been paid for – easy!

Increase conversions with cart sharing

Convert more carts by giving your customers an all-new path to purchase. With YouPay, your customers can pick exactly what they want on your store and send their shopping cart to family, friends, partners and more for payment. With more flexibility at the checkout for your customers, you can increase the conversion potential of every cart created on your store.

Double your customers with every YouPay order

You acquire more customers with YouPay because every YouPay order has a shopper and a payer attached to it. With YouPay installed on your store, you can double your potential customers while capturing a sale you could have otherwise missed – now that’s what we call a win-win.


Big ecommerce brands

are already using YouPay

Connect shoppers with payers safely & securely

YouPay connects two customers over one transaction with total safety and security for both parties. This is possible because no shipping, payment or personal information is shared between a shopper and a payer on any YouPay order. Your customers can shop and share and their chosen payer(s) can checkout with guaranteed peace of mind. 

Learn about your customers with real data insights

With YouPay, you can uncover new customer insights because you can finally see who is shopping and who’s paying on your store. This information can be used to understand user journeys and convert carts more effectively, as well as intelligently retarget your customers to optimise your marketing spend.

YouPay Wish Lists

all your carts in one place​

Fill your cart

at any YouPay store

Tap the YouPay button to create a shareable cart that’s automatically added to your YouPay Wish List.

Activate your list

to start sharing

Tap Activate your wish list or head to to access your unique, shareable YouPay Wish List.

Share your list

you shop, they pay

Get the items you want and make gifting simple by building and sharing your YouPay Wish List today.

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