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Want the best tips and tricks on how to make the most of YouPay Wishlist in your creator’s universe? 

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Let your fans spoil you with YouPay

YouPay provides a safe, secure, and private place for thoughtful contributions from your fans around the world.
Completely free
That’s right, zero fees, no monthly memberships or initial costs.
Your wishlist, your way
Receive your gifts as direct gifts, cash or gift card, it’s up to you. With 1000’s of brands to choose from you can curate your ideal wishlist with YouPay.
Share with fans
Connect with your fans through gifting. Share your link directly or add it to your link in bio.
Privacy is priority
Your personal details are never shared, meaning you can receive gifts from your fans safely - no need to share your addresses or contact information.

Meet Taylor

Hey guys, I’m Taylor! I’ve been in the creator industry since 2016. This started with glamour modelling when I was 18. In 2018 I discovered Only Fans and that’s when I started to shape the career I have today.

I have dealt with an array of adversity since the very beginning of my career so I knew that any company I worked with needed to be an ally and support us as creators, and that’s why I fell in love with YouPay and took the role as their Head of creators, to help shape the platform and to be a voice for what creators really need.

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Monetize Your Potential with YouPay

We’re here to help you. We help you navigate this industry of utilising wishlists confidently, whether just starting out or looking to take your spicy creator inspired wishlists content creation to the next level. We understand you. We've listened to you. We stand behind you and your creative enterprise.

YouPay collaborates with creators from around the world, gathering feedback and comprehending the demands of the ever-changing creator's realm.

YouPay is your dream factory where we support your journey to independence, freedom, and abundance. Follow us to get the best tips and tricks on how to make the most of YouPay Wishlist in your creator’s universe.
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About YouPay

YouPay was created in 2020 to make online shopping carts shareable – and connect the way we shop and pay online. Combining an interactive approach to ecommerce with a powerful focus on connecting people, communities, and fans digitally, our mission is to change the future of shopping in a inclusively conscious way at YouPay.

We believe in seeking success as professionals and as people – which is why our team is fostered on a culture of collaborative success, personal fulfilment and joyful inclusivity. These team values are what drives us to innovate, grow and succeed as a group while we build a truly private, safe and secure gifting platform for the world.
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