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Adding YouPay to your online store embeds every cart with greater sales potential. Here’s how you can harness the power of multiplayer shopping on your store.


link & button

For customers who want someone else to pay for a single item, the YouPay button gives them the power to do so straight from the product page.


pop-up & info

The product page is the perfect place to educate your customers about how YouPay works with our step-by-step modal, which appears when you click the More Info link. Customers can quickly understand how cart sharing works without ever having to leave the product page, then continue to checkout as normal or let someone else pay with YouPay.

Cart Page

YouPay button

The cart page is an essential placement for the YouPay button. Your customers can shop freely and more often on your store, knowing they can always share their cart from the checkout in situations where they’re not the one paying.


cart button

Fly-out carts let your customers view their order and checkout by themselves quickly and easily, and the YouPay button gives them the power to let someone else pay as well.


info & links

Integrating YouPay into your footer lets your customers know that multiplayer shopping is available on your site, and gives new YouPay users the chance to learn more from any point in their customer journey.

YouPay Wish Lists

all your carts in one place​

Fill your cart

at any YouPay store

Tap the YouPay button to create a shareable cart that’s automatically added to your YouPay Wish List.

Activate your list

to start sharing

Tap Activate your wish list or head to to access your unique, shareable YouPay Wish List.

Share your list

you shop, they pay

Get the items you want and make gifting simple by building and sharing your YouPay Wish List today.

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