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Want to convert more carts at a higher order value on your Shopify store? Install YouPay today to let your customers privately share their carts so partners, lovers and more can pay for their order.

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shoppers to funds

Give your customers a way to let their partners, fans and more pay for their orders at your store with total security and privacy.


conversion potential

Get more value from each order by reducing friction in the checkout process for both the shopper and the payer.


customer behaviour

Discover who’s shopping and who’s paying to uncover behavioural insights that you can turn into sales success.

Empower shoppers

to convert more carts

Buying apparel, underwear or lingerie for someone else has potential risks – purchasing the wrong item, the wrong style or the wrong size – that lead to lost sales for your store and disappointment for the shopper and the payer.

YouPay removes these potential risks by letting shoppers choose the items they want and then send their cart to their chosen payer(s) without payment details or personal information being shared between the two.

With peace of mind and less payment obstacles to contend with, YouPay can give your customers the flexibility that results in more conversions and higher order values for your store.

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YouPay makes it easy

YouPay makes it easy for clients to purchase new gear for me to make content with, safely, and without my or their private details being shared.

– Pinipy, Content Creator

Create social commerce

through cart sharing

YouPay lets shoppers share their carts or entire wish lists as shareable links, which means your brand can gain extra brand recognition and customer advocacy through social media platforms and bio areas on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Linktree, Onlyfans and more.

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Join the shopping revolution

that’s already happening

Thanks to YouPay, 100s of stores and 1000s of online shoppers and payers are benefiting from the power of cart sharing. Free to install and simple to integrate, the time is right to add YouPay to your Shopify store and join the multiplayer shopping revolution.

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Tap the YouPay button to create a shareable cart that’s automatically added to your YouPay Wish List.

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Tap Activate your wish list or head to to access your unique, shareable YouPay Wish List.

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Get the items you want and make gifting simple by building and sharing your YouPay Wish List today.

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