This is crazy. I had an email from a company called YouPay, and they want to talk to me about their expansion into the creator realms, including OnlyFans models.

Sorry, let me introduce myself; my name is Taylor Ryan. My main income and job is being an OnlyFans model and OnlyFans mentor/teacher/coach, sharing tips and tricks for OnlyFans Creators, or whatever you’d call it. I’ve been a spicy OnlyFans model for over 5.5 years and a mentor for around 3 of those years, so this email from YouPay is just mental.

As an OnlyFans model, you may be able to relate to the influx in DMs and emails we get DAILY from management companies, agencies, and random people saying how they can help us make £10000000000 in 4 minutes or whatever their new clickbait message is, so I am sure you can imagine when I saw an email from a company called YouPay, I was skeptical, not because it looked sus, but because it’s hard to drown out the noise with all these other unopened emails surrounding it. Anyway, I took the plunge; the email seemed incredibly legit, and I set up my first call.

Now, I’m using YouPay as my wishlist for OnlyFans, as they might have something valuable to offer fellow OnlyFans models who are always looking for tips and tricks to enhance their content and earnings.