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Marketing Activation

the YouPay guide

So, you’ve got YouPay on your store and you want to launch with a bang? Check out our marketing activation quick start guide to find out how!

How to launch YouPay

simply and successfully

Day 1

launch YouPay

  • YouPay landing page live
  • Email newsletter sent
  • Announcement posts on social media
  • Any onsite banners live
Week 1

engage customers

Run a promotion to generate engagement:

  • Golden ticket
  • Cart giveaway
  • Coupon code campaign
Month 1

leverage cart sharing

  • Social commerce and engagement
  • Add YouPay to email flows
Ongoing activities

your brand & YouPay

Promote YouPay before online shopping events like Valentine’s Day, BFCM, birthdays and more to generate additional sales and grow your customer base.

Launching with YouPay

understanding our product messaging

Our Slogan |

You shop, they pay

Our succinct slogan quickly communicates YouPay’s innovative value proposition to shoppers. It ties the key feature and benefit of cart sharing together in a clear and unambiguous way that’s easy to understand.

Our Tagline |

Welcome to multiplayer shopping

Our tagline is an invitation to use an all-new form of online shopping that speaks to YouPay shoppers, payers and partner stores. YouPay is starting a healthy financial revolution through shared carts, and the good news is that you’re a part of it!

YouPay landing pages

"how to use YouPay" page

YouPay can create, supply and potentially even implement a ‘How YouPay Works’ landing page that your customers can easily digest and access. YouPay is a totally new way to pay, which means static resources like this are key to educating your customers.

YouPay can add customised copy, images and iconography to give the page a connection to your brand and product range.

Announcing YouPay

tell your customers

Our goal is to communicate the launch with a strong universal message that resonates with your customers. YouPay can assist with creative for email newsletters, website banners, social media posts and more.

Launching with comms across eDM, social and onsite content is an easy way to organically spread the word and familiarise your customers with YouPay.

Activation campaigns

YouPay exclusive coupons

It’s easy to create YouPay-exclusive coupon codes to drive link creation, product adoption and conversions. Coupon codes can be %, $ or free shipping discount and can be customised in a number of ways: minimum spend to unlock code benefits, minimum # of items in cart required, number of redeems.

Coupon codes can be created through the YouPay Dashboard and we can offer assistance to create your first code and show you the process.

Activation campaigns

cart giveaways

Cart giveaways are easy to administer and have social engagement and sales benefits.

They educate your customers about how YouPay works and gives them incentive to use YouPay.

Plus, every YouPay link created from a promotion has remarketing potential, which means conversion potential.

Did you know? From your YouPay Dashboard, you can view all shoppers, their links and payers, which makes cart giveaways quick and clean to run.

Activation campaigns

golden ticket giveaways

Cart giveaways are great for creating links, while golden ticket giveaways are perfect for converting links.

The ‘golden ticket’ is a prize or incentive offered to a shopper, payer or both that’s designed to encourage cart conversions

Example: Let someone else pay for your order with YouPay before *date and time* to be in the running to win a $100 YouPay cart each for you and your payer!

Customer engagement

using YouPay for customer engagement

YouPay’s rich sharing functionality makes it a powerful tool for connecting your most loyal customers through ecommerce (as opposed to outbound content marketing).

Shoppers can share their carts, view other’s and even pay for a stranger’s cart thanks to YouPay. YouPay can generate ongoing engagement in places where your brand advocates can gather, such as social media platforms (Facebook Groups, for example).

325 +

Ave. Daily User Posts,
Comments and Reactions on

YouPay VIP Group

Add YouPay to the mix

Add multiplayer shopping to your marketing

Add to your store’s email flows (either as a snippet feature or last-gasp solus eDM): abandoned carts, new sign-ups, birthday reminders and more! Create ongoing social media ‘shopping haul shares’ and other reasons to encourage cart creation in a social setting.

Target specific customer personas who would benefit from cart sharing: partners, parents and kids, professionals and more to maximise customer conversion potential
with YouPay.

Thats a wrap!

got more questions?

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YouPay Wish Lists

all your carts in one place​

Fill your cart

at any YouPay store

Tap the YouPay button to create a shareable cart that’s automatically added to your YouPay Wish List.

Activate your list

to start sharing

Tap Activate your wish list or head to to access your unique, shareable YouPay Wish List.

Share your list

you shop, they pay

Get the items you want and make gifting simple by building and sharing your YouPay Wish List today.

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